All 1 piece wood Bats from all companies reguardless of the price can break for various reasons

Getting Jammed, off the end, hitting the ground or something other then a baseball, could be a wood problem, cold day or using a wood bat as a team bat could shorten the bats life.

Its a tough product to put a warranty on, but its such an expense every time a bat breaks

LaCasse Bats would like to offer a one-time per order of 2 or more bats: A free replacement if a bat from your order breaks.  The bat will be added to your next order from LaCasse Bats. The replacement will be same model and length, but color could vary and no personalizsation.  Please email a picture within 30 days if a bat from your order of 2 or more bats breaks.  If more then 1 bat breaks its still only 1 replacement